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Welcome to Vote-Them-Out.Net!

Vote-Them-Out.Net is dedicated to removing every stinking one of the senators and congressmen who are screwing up our country!

It is time to fire everyone in congress

Please remember that there is no place, in this debate, for violence, or threats! Violence will get you nowhere, but jail. It gives all of us a bad name, and makes it difficult to make any progress out of this quagmire.

If you want to show your anger. . . show it on your BALLOT in NOVEMBER! VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE! That will be one hundred times more effective than calling someone a nasty name. . . Seriously.

When Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, the talking head on MSNBC called him a bunch of nasty names. It didn't change the outcome of the election one little bit. . . It only made Keithie Boy look really childish.

We have the moral high ground, here. We need to keep it that way. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down to their level of name-calling.

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Why do we let this happen to us?

In March, Congress had an approval rating of just 14% If you-or-I had an approval rating of 14% at our respective jobs, we would be fired. Right? Now is the time for us to fire congress. We hired them. Now we need to fire them.

“You are now required by law, to have health insurance! Section 1501

Why do we let them stay?

I think We-The-People have bought into the attitude that, "My congressman is the best. It is your congressman who should be fired."

Consider the Americans who will benefit from the $6 million subsidy for toy arrows:
They probably think their senator is the best, because he got them that money. I don't blame them for their reluctance to fire him. Since we can't fire their congressman and he just got them $6million, odds are pretty slim that they will fire him, either.

They should have pressured the ownership of the toy arrow factory to produce another product: one that someone might actually buy. Instead, they relied on the government to bail them out. Eventually, the money will no longer flow to them, and they will have no one to blame but themselves. No. They will probably blame the government. Probably blame everyone, but their porkbarrel senator.

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